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GigaOM – “The Meme of the moment”

“One of the secrets of entrepreneurship is to have that unconventional, fundamental insight that the rest of the world hasn’t and be in the position to act on that insight.  And by the time the rest of the world figures it out, you are king.” –  Mike Maples Jr., managing partner of Floodgate Capital via GigaOM [...]
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Monetising Disqus

The Techcrunch switch from Disqus to Facebook got me thinking about how Disqus competes and earns money.  Mark Suster has suggested that Google should buy them which undoubtedly could be a nice financial outcome but it’s probably a little early for the visit to the “pay window” (attributed to JLM). I’m a huge fan of [...]
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A VC: Marketing

This blog is my scrapbook, it’s primarily for my reference but hopefully some of the stuff here will be of interest to other people interested in the VC and start up world. Fred Wilson wrote a piece on marketing which turned out to be a little controversial.  There were some nuggets in the comments as [...]
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VC Office Hours – c’mon Europe!

Image by stevecadman via Flickr Fred Wilson announced on his blog that his firm Union Square Ventures is following Brad Feld‘s example at Foundry and will be holding office hours. Office hours basically means that you can make an appointment to see Fred, or Brad without any qualification, introduction or filters.  Can you imagine a [...]
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JLM: Borrower V Lender – Game On

Another JLM blog comment on AVC that is pure gold The VC world — from both sides of the table entrepreneur and investor — is trying to standardize everything. A damn good thing. In my view a normal maturation of the market which while certainly streamlining the marketplace also stands for the proposition that a [...]
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AngelList – Where are the Europeans ?

Fred Wilson brought AngelList to my attention.  Which in their own words is: A list of the top angels and seed investors in the world. And how to contact them This is a great idea but the problem is that if you look by location there are only 8 European angels that have put themselves [...]
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Saving time in preparing for board meetings – Fred Destin

Great post by Fred Destin on board meeting prep. Saving time in preparing for board meetings – Fred Destin.
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The Elevator Pitch

“ The elevator pitch forms everyone’s first impression of your venture. It needn’t be a single sentence, but the delivery ought to be measured in seconds not minutes – like any good TV or radio commercial. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I’ve come to believe that a clear, compelling elevator pitch is [...]
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