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Steve Jobs RIP

Steve Jobs narrating “the crazy ones” ad
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When Free becomes ‘bait and switch’

I opened up my Spotify app yesterday to discover that as a “free” user I was now only entitled to play a track 5 times and to avoid this I should upgrade to a premium account.  I would consider doing this if Spotify gave me access to every single band and track that I like [...]
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Don’t bet the farm on someone else’s platform

Twitter’s @rsarver released an announcement giving new guidance to developers on the best opportunities to build on Twitter.  Basically it says don’t build a Twitter client that consumes the Twitter stream.  Existing clients will be fine as long as they adhere to the Twitter TOS. So Twitter have figured out that their value is in [...]
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From Zero to a Million Users – Dropbox and Xobni lessons learned

Just watched the slideshow below by @drewhouston and @asmith Very good overview of start up experiences and some great tips on how to grow your user base. From Zero to a Million Users – Dropbox and Xobni lessons learned   View more presentations from Adam Smith
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Learning to Code

Whenever I go to networking events I come across people who have this great idea and just need a technical person to build it for them.  Finding that person is way harder than they think.  Most technical people have either been burnt once in that sort of arrangement or take the attitude that they don’t [...]
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foursquare needs to up it’s marketing to existing customers

Image via Wikipedia I haven’t used foursquare for months, I lost interest in it, there was nothing in it for me except a bunch of badges. Has that changed? I don’t know if there is anything new going on at foursquare because they don’t tell me. I’m not a foursquare fanboi so they can’t rely [...]
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Watch Le Web live

Le Web is probably the biggest tech conference in Europe, it attracts some big names.  You can watch it below, the schedule is here UPDATE – I’ve removed the video now the event is over it was slowing the site down
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