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Learning to Code

Whenever I go to networking events I come across people who have this great idea and just need a technical person to build it for them.  Finding that person is way harder than they think.  Most technical people have either been burnt once in that sort of arrangement or take the attitude that they don’t [...]
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foursquare needs to up it’s marketing to existing customers

Image via Wikipedia I haven’t used foursquare for months, I lost interest in it, there was nothing in it for me except a bunch of badges. Has that changed? I don’t know if there is anything new going on at foursquare because they don’t tell me. I’m not a foursquare fanboi so they can’t rely [...]
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Watch Le Web live

Le Web is probably the biggest tech conference in Europe, it attracts some big names.  You can watch it below, the schedule is here UPDATE – I’ve removed the video now the event is over it was slowing the site down
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Instapaper and the Kindle 3 an awesome combo

Image via CrunchBase Last weekend my parents bought me a Kindle 3 .  My Dad received one in the first batch that went out and I drooled over it, so they kindly bought one for me as an early birthday present (thanks Mum and Dad).   I love the Kindle 3,  it does exactly what [...]
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A VC: What A CEO Does

One of JLM’s blog comments on AVC, a real jewel “Obviously having been a CEO for over 30 years, I have had ample time to think about what it takes to be a “good” CEO. I agree with what Fred says — completely — from the perspective from whence he speaks as a Boardmember and [...]
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A conflict of interests – Venture Hacks

the best entrepreneurs display a lot of chutzpah. They aren’t fazed by the competition, nor do they see shadows in every corner. They are their own biggest competition. via A conflict of interests – Venture Hacks. Interesting read by the Venture Hacks team
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Saving time in preparing for board meetings – Fred Destin

Great post by Fred Destin on board meeting prep. Saving time in preparing for board meetings – Fred Destin.
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Something Old, Something New

“In general, experience has taught me that the best chances for success are when you combine two things that already exist rather than creating something completely new” via What will it take to make mobile payments mainstream in the US? | VentureBeat. I was reading the article above on Venturebeat by Steve Klebe (which is [...]
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The Elevator Pitch

“ The elevator pitch forms everyone’s first impression of your venture. It needn’t be a single sentence, but the delivery ought to be measured in seconds not minutes – like any good TV or radio commercial. I know it sounds a little crazy, but I’ve come to believe that a clear, compelling elevator pitch is [...]
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Flying Under the Radar

The general consensus from the VC community is that there is no point in a start up being in stealth mode.  The argument runs along the lines that it’s all about the execution so who cares if everyone knows what you are doing.  I don’t buy this at all.  By stealth mode I don’t necessarily mean [...]
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