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JLM:The Management Team

A JLM post on AVC today which is just as awesome as his comments (which are blog posts really) Here it is, a straight reblog: Congratulations, you have built a prototype. Got it to work. Debugged it. Even sold a few copies. Have some real customers. Now you are ready to scale up and make [...]
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Bored Of Directors – Another JLM comment nugget

I’ve adopted JLM as my online mentor.  His advice is priceless and he disseminates it through his comments on AVC.  Here’s another cracker on Board Meetings, it’s a comment he left on Fred Wilson’s blog here : Every Board has to have a leader, appropriate committees, charters Board, ethics, nominations, audit, etc and it has [...]
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A VC: Marketing

This blog is my scrapbook, it’s primarily for my reference but hopefully some of the stuff here will be of interest to other people interested in the VC and start up world. Fred Wilson wrote a piece on marketing which turned out to be a little controversial.  There were some nuggets in the comments as [...]
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JLM: Borrower V Lender – Game On

Another JLM blog comment on AVC that is pure gold The VC world — from both sides of the table entrepreneur and investor — is trying to standardize everything. A damn good thing. In my view a normal maturation of the market which while certainly streamlining the marketplace also stands for the proposition that a [...]
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A VC: The Office Matters

Another JLM gold nugget from a comment on avc All of the little things are important when you can afford them and even more important when you can’t. The building of a company culture is a fundamental exercise in creating a team and influencing the morale of a team — in a start up a [...]
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A VC: What A CEO Does

One of JLM’s blog comments on AVC, a real jewel “Obviously having been a CEO for over 30 years, I have had ample time to think about what it takes to be a “good” CEO. I agree with what Fred says — completely — from the perspective from whence he speaks as a Boardmember and [...]
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