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Platforms and Networks – Best Resource of the Year

Did not blog in 2012, I am going to try and blog in 2013. This has been widely posted in the twittersphere but it still deserves to be bookmarked.  Tom Eisenmann has a blog Platform and Networks and he has blogged a page with a resource of links about managing start ups and it’s absolutely [...]
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JLM:The Management Team

A JLM post on AVC today which is just as awesome as his comments (which are blog posts really) Here it is, a straight reblog: Congratulations, you have built a prototype. Got it to work. Debugged it. Even sold a few copies. Have some real customers. Now you are ready to scale up and make [...]
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Christmas Day 2011, the day I had to grow up

The chairman of our family, my dad, Norman Forster, officially retired on Christmas Day 2011 at 2.00pm, aged 87. That was the moment I had to finally grow up. My mother and wife were downstairs cooking Christmas lunch and I went upstairs to check on my father, we knew the time was approaching but were [...]
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Steve Jobs RIP

Steve Jobs narrating “the crazy ones” ad
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Ideas are just a multiplier of execution

You often see the clichéd expression “ideas are worth nothing it’s the execution that counts.” I fully agree but came across a great chapter in “Anything You Want“, written by CD Baby founder Derek Sivers. The chapter is entitled “Ideas are just a multiplier of execution”  I’m going to copy and paste this from the book: [...]
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GigaOM – “The Meme of the moment”

“One of the secrets of entrepreneurship is to have that unconventional, fundamental insight that the rest of the world hasn’t and be in the position to act on that insight.  And by the time the rest of the world figures it out, you are king.” –  Mike Maples Jr., managing partner of Floodgate Capital via GigaOM [...]
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Learning to Code

Whenever I go to networking events I come across people who have this great idea and just need a technical person to build it for them.  Finding that person is way harder than they think.  Most technical people have either been burnt once in that sort of arrangement or take the attitude that they don’t [...]
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A VC: The Office Matters

Another JLM gold nugget from a comment on avc All of the little things are important when you can afford them and even more important when you can’t. The building of a company culture is a fundamental exercise in creating a team and influencing the morale of a team — in a start up a [...]
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A VC: What A CEO Does

One of JLM’s blog comments on AVC, a real jewel “Obviously having been a CEO for over 30 years, I have had ample time to think about what it takes to be a “good” CEO. I agree with what Fred says — completely — from the perspective from whence he speaks as a Boardmember and [...]
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Seth’s Blog: Competition

Competition The number one reason people give me for giving up on something great is, “someone else is already doing that.” Or, parsed another way, “my idea is not brand new.” Or even, “Oh no, now we’ll have competition.” Two big pieces of news for you: 1. Competition validates you. It creates a category. It [...]
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