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Monetising Disqus

The Techcrunch switch from Disqus to Facebook got me thinking about how Disqus competes and earns money.  Mark Suster has suggested that Google should buy them which undoubtedly could be a nice financial outcome but it’s probably a little early for the visit to the “pay window” (attributed to JLM). I’m a huge fan of [...]
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A VC: Marketing

This blog is my scrapbook, it’s primarily for my reference but hopefully some of the stuff here will be of interest to other people interested in the VC and start up world. Fred Wilson wrote a piece on marketing which turned out to be a little controversial.  There were some nuggets in the comments as [...]
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Learning to Code

Whenever I go to networking events I come across people who have this great idea and just need a technical person to build it for them.  Finding that person is way harder than they think.  Most technical people have either been burnt once in that sort of arrangement or take the attitude that they don’t [...]
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foursquare needs to up it’s marketing to existing customers

Image via Wikipedia I haven’t used foursquare for months, I lost interest in it, there was nothing in it for me except a bunch of badges. Has that changed? I don’t know if there is anything new going on at foursquare because they don’t tell me. I’m not a foursquare fanboi so they can’t rely [...]
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Watch Le Web live

Le Web is probably the biggest tech conference in Europe, it attracts some big names.  You can watch it below, the schedule is here UPDATE – I’ve removed the video now the event is over it was slowing the site down
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VC Office Hours – c’mon Europe!

Image by stevecadman via Flickr Fred Wilson announced on his blog that his firm Union Square Ventures is following Brad Feld‘s example at Foundry and will be holding office hours. Office hours basically means that you can make an appointment to see Fred, or Brad without any qualification, introduction or filters.  Can you imagine a [...]
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Instapaper vs Readability

I’ve had a fair bit of interest on this post so I thought I’d update it: I am still finding that Instapaper is failing to deliver new articles on a daily basis automatically to my Kindle.  This problem did seem to go away for a little while but I’m now finding that more often than [...]
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Instapaper and the Kindle 3 an awesome combo

Image via CrunchBase Last weekend my parents bought me a Kindle 3 .  My Dad received one in the first batch that went out and I drooled over it, so they kindly bought one for me as an early birthday present (thanks Mum and Dad).   I love the Kindle 3,  it does exactly what [...]
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Angelgate EXCLUSIVE: BIN38′s Super Angel Menu Via Techcrunch

Angelgate EXCLUSIVE: BIN38′s Super Angel Menu And More.
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JLM: Borrower V Lender – Game On

Another JLM blog comment on AVC that is pure gold The VC world — from both sides of the table entrepreneur and investor — is trying to standardize everything. A damn good thing. In my view a normal maturation of the market which while certainly streamlining the marketplace also stands for the proposition that a [...]
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