Don’t bet the farm on someone else’s platform

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Twitter’s @rsarver released an announcement giving new guidance to developers on the best opportunities to build on Twitter.  Basically it says don’t build a Twitter client that consumes the Twitter stream.  Existing clients will be fine as long as they adhere to the Twitter TOS.

So Twitter have figured out that their value is in their stream and frankly they want to own the eyeballs but they are happy for apps to feed the stream i.e. provide more content.

That’s all fine for Twitter, it’s their ball, they can take it away if they want to and therein lies the danger.  For as long as I can remember they’ve been happy for other people to develop clients and distribute Twitter across the world, now they feel they have critical mass they are starting to tighten up the rules.  Who knows what changes they will make next and how that will effect developers who have built apps over the Twitter platform.

Don’t bet the farm on someone else’s platform unless your Zynga and they are trying to diversify out of Facebook as fast as possible.

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