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Whenever I go to networking events I come across people who have this great idea and just need a technical person to build it for them.  Finding that person is way harder than they think.  Most technical people have either been burnt once in that sort of arrangement or take the attitude that they don’t need the MBA type and are sceptical of what they bring to the party.  (I’m not getting into that debate)

If you are in that situation then I’d say go out (or rather stay in) and learn to code.  There is a ton of information, tutorials, open source code on the web that means you can teach yourself the basics and more.  Stackoverflow is an awesome resource, it’s full of people willing to help you with a problem.

By learning to code you are getting involved with the techie community, thus improving your chances of finding that technical partner and also what you learn will be invaluable to you even if you don’t stay involved with the technical side of your project at a later date.   You will have some understanding of what it takes to build a web app.

Which language? That’s your choice.  Google it or take a look on Stackoverflow or ask the question on Quora.

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