foursquare needs to up it’s marketing to existing customers

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I haven’t used foursquare for months, I lost interest in it, there was nothing in it for me except a bunch of badges.

Has that changed? I don’t know if there is anything new going on at foursquare because they don’t tell me.

I’m not a foursquare fanboi so they can’t rely on me to make the effort to find out if it’s worth coming back.

I think you have to keep in touch with your existing customers at least once a month.  They’ve got my email address, they should be able to tell I haven’t checked in for a while, why haven’t I been sent an email telling me what I’m missing out on?

Maybe it’s because I’m in the UK, maybe they are doing more email marketing in the US.  If they are not they should be.


Funnily enough I received an email like the one I described above from foursquare on 29/01/11  I’d like to think it was because they read this post but it’s more likely to be coincidence!

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